Created by Steve Ognibene

Browser Support: This game requires Canvas support. It is best played with a dual analog stick gamepad such as the XBox 360 contoller. The game works with mouse and keyboard in all modern browsers. In Edge, it works with the XBox 360 contoller only (other controllers are not recognized). In Chrome, the XBox 360 controller works, but Chrome does not properly handle the input on the third (shoot-y) axis from other controllers such as the Logitech RumblePad 2, so you can only shoot horizontally (A Chrome bug mismaps this to axis 5). In Firefox, both the XBox 360 and Logitech RumblePad 2 controllers work correctly. Safari and IE 11 do not support the Gamepad API as of December 2016, but you can play with mouse and keyboard.

Instructions: Keep shooting and don't let the enemies touch you; rescue Zelda for bonus points. Use the left-analog stick to move and the right-analog stick to shoot, both in 360°. If playing with mouse and keyboard, you can move with the arrow keys or WASD and hold the mouse button down to shoot in that direction. You will have to click the play area and a button or axis on your controller in order to start the game. Free heart every 35,000 points. Please send screenshots of your high scores to Steve Ognibene on Twitter. Refresh the page to start over. Have fun! :-)

Legend of Zelda and Link copyright Nintendo. Grunt image copyright Williams Electronics. Used here under Fair Use without permission.

Created using Phaser. Thanks to the many folks who have answered my questions on html5gamedevs.com !!!